Elmer Agate for Lovers and Others

by John Mac and the Moraggots

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released September 13, 2007



all rights reserved


John Mac and the Moraggots San Francisco, California

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Track Name: This Time
This time,
So unpredictable.
She fills his head up with smoke.

This time,
its inevitable.
This time it feels like its love.

This time,
Starlight shone,
It's a sign.

This time,
Starlight shone,
It's a sign.

Long face,
Trapped in the traces.
She pulls with all her might.

A wagon of faces.
Some loved her, they stayed the night.

This time,
Smell her hair.
It's all there.

This time,
Smell her hair.
It's all there.

Whirled peas,
Spinning around us,
Astounds us and keeps us alive.

Who feels,
Love is beneath them?
Feels they can spit in your eye?
Track Name: So Divine
I know these two old men,
With their coffees at the SiSi cafe.
Each sip takes hours, they just laugh,
And the day slips away.
It’s so divine,
This waste of time.
So Divine.
Then in the morning,
She sleeps in late and misses the show,
By the time she opens her eyes,
The sunrise has come and gone.
It’s so divine,
This waste of time,
Is so divine,
This waste of time,
Is so divine.
He sits and plays these same bits,
On his guitar,
Just toss the words that won’t work and
Pretty soon you have yourself a song.
It’s so divine,
This waste of time,
Is so divine,
This waste of time,
Is so divine.
I’m savoring each minute of my day,
There’s no way,
Slow and Steady always wins the race,
It’s so divine
She’s one of those people,
You just love to hang around.
Each moment is precious and each memory
Makes you want to shout aloud.
It’s so divine,
This waste of time,
Is so divine.
Is so divine.
Track Name: What Makes It End
They tried and they tried,
And then they kept trying.
One of them must be right,
And so they kept trying...

She'd rather switch. He'd rather fight.

One says that they cry, but they don't
If they did, that would be lying.
Each time that she leaves he believes,
It's a sign that she's tired.

There's no need to be upset, if she leaves
It will set you free, oh please.

I tried and I tried,
to understand her.
How she went about her way leading two lies
No lie we were struck dumb, couldn't ask her.

How she seemed to always to move so seamless-ly
Between two men that way. That is to say...

She drives and she drives,
Down to the southland.
Just a phone call away some how that makes it
All okay but her messages stay full and there's
No way for him to even ask her.
Track Name: The Faire
Each Sunday morning,
Walking down the hill,
Anticipating all the good
Things we will find.

Laid out,
Atop the tables,
By the girls from,
Happy Boy Farms.

I see Jake and his one man band,
Fingers snap and the puppets dance,
To a smattering,
Of little hand claps.

The old man who sits down,
Beside me smells of mold.
Says he hasn't heard this song,
Since he was five years old.

Just pull your hat down
So you can see.
All the wonders that the folks
In my town never see.

As if they even cared,
Track-suited mother fresh from the gym;
Her father reclines,
In his electric chair.

From Martinez,
Comes a man with bees,
Who lectures the children,
That come to see the queen.

The lady of the Faire,
Picks up her skirts and disappears.
All that's left is the,
Flowers in her hair.

And with the people gone,
The wrappers twist,
On the bits of breeze,
In the bright, bright sun.